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A Portable Air Conditioner is a self-contained cooling system that is most suitable for cooling a single room. These Portable Air Conditioners come to sit on the floor and requires no installation. You only have to plug in and switch it on to make it start working. Most of the portable air conditioner comes with the wheel on their feet so that they can be carried anywhere in the home easily. Portable air conditioners are available at a cheap price in the market as compared to the split air conditioner.

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When people go to buy something they naturally a few questions in mind. The same is the case with Portable Air Conditioners. Today in this article we are going to answer the 10 Most Common Questions Asked By The People On Portable Air Conditioners.

11 Most Common Questions Asked By People On Portable Air Conditioner

Q1. What is Portable Air Conditioner ?

A Portable Air Conditioner is a self-contained cooling system most suitable for one person or for cooling single rooms. Portable Air Conditioners are built mostly to be kept on the floor. These Air Conditioners also come with Wheels on their below part to make it easy for the user to carry these portable air conditioners anywhere in the home.

Portable air conditioners do not require any installation. You just have to plug in the electricity source and switch it on to make the portable air conditioner start working. Portable Air Conditioners are also known as Air Coolers or Room Coolers.

Q2. Is there any need to vent the portable air conditioners ?

Yes, like the other air conditioners portable air conditioners are also need to be vented in some form.

The reason for this is very simple. As Portable Air Conditioners pull the warm air from outside, Cool this warm air and then passes this air into the room to be circulated. So it is this warm air and moisture in the room that should be vented out of the room. Thus if you will not vent then this moisture and warm air would disturb your cooling of the room.

The easiest way in which you can vent the air conditioner is through a nearby window to the place where you have kept the portable air conditioner.

Q3. Can you a run a portable AC all day ?

The answer for this question is variable. If the Portable Air Conditioner (AC) which you have bought is of good and durable brand then in such cases you can run your portable air conditioner for whole day.

But if your air conditioner cannot hold the load of running the whole day then you can simply run it the whole day but with a number of gaps of half an hour.

Q4. Are Portable Air Conditioners any good ?

Yes, if you have bough portable air conditioner from a durable and trusted brand then of course it is going to last longer providing you the best service.

But if you have simply bought from a local brand then you might end up spending extra on the Maintainance of such a local air conditioner. Such local air conditioner will also provide a very bad service to you.

Q5. Can Portable Air Conditioners be used in a room without any windows ?

Although it can be used in a room without windows but still it is Strictly Not Recommended. It is not recommended because portable air conditioners are mostly built to act as a window air conditioner. If you will use portable air conditioner in a room with no windows then there are some disadvantages :

  1. There would be no source for air conditioner to circulate fresh air in the room which might be harmful for your health.
  2. The mositure and warm air collected in the room by the portable air conditioner could not pass out of the room and this will afffect cooling. As a result all your room would fill with humidity and your body will get get including clothes you are wearing. All your room gets sticky.

So it not recommended to use portable air conditioner in a room without any windows.

Q6. Do Portable Air Conditioners uses lot of electricity ?

The answer to this question is dependable on the type and size of air conditioner. If your air conditioner is of a good brand and is big in size then it may consume more electricity as compared to the air consitioners smaller in size.

Remember to choose portable air conditioner of a good brand only.

Q7. Is Portable Air Conditioner Better Than Window Conditioner ?

Yes, a portable air conditioner is generally more recommended over a window air conditioner. A portable air conditioner can be bought at a reasonable price less than the price of the window conditioner.

Another advantage is that portable air conditioner takes up less space in window as compared to the window air conditioner.

The advantages of the portable air conditioners are moreover window air conditioner. So you can go for a portable air conditioner.

Q8. Are Portable air conditioners dangerous to use ?

No, not at all. Portable air conditioners are very safe to use. The only thing that you need to remember that the front side of the air conditioner should not be open otherwise your hand might go in it and it may cause a serious injury.

Q9. Can Portable Air conditioner make you sick ?

The answer to this question depends on you. If you regularly clean your portable air conditioner that is cleans its water tub and maintains it regularly. Then you will not at all get sick.

But if you fail to maintain and clean your air conditioner properly then the water tub of this air conditioner will promote the growth of bacteria inside it and thus will make your sick.

To avoid getting sick from your air conditioner you must clean your air conditioner regularly.

Q10. Is it safe to sleep while air conditioner is turned on whole night ?

Yes it is completly safe . But you must remember than the wiring of air conditioner may not get any short circuit as it may lead to fire at the place.

So above are the 10 Most Common Asked By The People On Portable Air Conditioners.

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