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Even if you use a high-priced washing machine with rich features, then also cloth stands are very important for you.

Today most washing machines come with cloth drying features, but they do not dry clothes completely. Even after drying clothes in the washing machine, humidity is left. To avoid this humidity in clothes, you should put them in sunlight for a while.

If you live in a city with no open area, then you can use the balcony for drying clothes. However, it is recommended that you use a cloth stand for drying clothes.

So, in this article, we have listed 5 Best Cloth Stands for Drying Clothes in Balcony. The best thing is, you can afford them easily.

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5 Best & Cheapest Cloth Drying Stands in 2021

1. LiMetro Steel Stainless Steel Foldable Cloth Dryer Stand Double Rack Cloth Stands

This is one of the best and most affordable cloth stands on our list of cloth stands. It comes with an excellent build quality of stainless steel. This Limetro Cloth Stand is completely made up of stainless steel.

This drying stand includes fasteners and screws which makes it corrosion-free. You get large drying space in this stand.

The best thing about this LiMetro stand is that you can use it in any weather because of its excellent build quality. Moreover, it is a foldable type of cloth drying stand.

  • Light Weight. (4.2 Kg)
  • Durable.
  • Can be used in any season.
  • Corrosion free because of screw’s and fasteners.
  • More drying space.
  • Foldable type of drying stand.
  • Might be little difficult to fold and unfold. (usual)
  • Price can be little higher. (Not too Much)

2. Parasnath Steel Cloth Drying Stand with Wheel Breaking System

Another great cloth drying stand is Parasnath Cloth Drying Stand. It comes in blue color which makes it more attractive. Moreover, it is slim in design and comes with a wheel breaking system which makes it easy to use.

You can make this drying stand ready for use within a minute because of its folding hanging frames, and wheel breaking system.

However, this stand lacks some behind from the previous one in build quality. It comes in plastic build quality coated with steel, which is lower than pure stainless steel quality material.

This cloth drying stand is higher in height and lesser in width, but still drying space is sufficient.

  • Wheel Breaking System and Foldable Hanging Frames make it easy to use.
  • Slim in design and looks attractive due to its blue color.
  • Might lack in build quality.

3. Houseware Heavy Duty Cloth Drying Stand

If you have a large family, then this cloth drying stand can be best for you. It is a heavy-duty cloth drying stand from Houseware made completely from stainless steel.

You can fold down or extend this cloth stand to adjust space according to you. You do not have to apply much effort and time to assemble this cloth stand.

It comes with 4 rotating casters so you can easily move your clothes anywhere in your home while on the stand. This cloth drying stand can bear a high burden of clothes easily.

You can also use its double base bars to dry your shoes. This is another great advantage of this cloth drying stand from Houseware.

  • More suitable for large family.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Weight might be more. (6 kg)

4. Mega Stand Stainless Steel Cloth Drying Stands

If you are a bachelor or only family of 2 members, and looking for the best cloth stand at the cheapest price, then you are good to go with this stand.

You get the best build quality of stainless steel in this stand (except for some parts). It is foldable as well as a movable stand. However, we do not recommend this cloth stand for a large family.

This is a simple stand with not many features as compared to other cloth stands on the list.

  • Stainless Steel build quality (except some parts).
  • Both foldable and easily movable.
  • Not suitable for a larger family.

5. Happer Premium Double Supported 4 Layer Cloth Drying Stand

If you have more money to invest but want a stand which is rich in features then you can buy this stand. You get various features in this Happer Premium Cloth Stand.

Some of the top-notch features are Thread Lock Mechanism and Breaking Wheels Mechanism. It comes with an excellent build quality of white coated stainless steel which makes it usable in all types of weather.

You can move this stand easily from one to another place due to the 6 roller caster wheels and 2 breaking wheels given in this stand.

This stand is also suitable for a large family because 2 additional hanger attachments are provided with this stand. The only major drawback of this stand is that it might cost you more as compared to other stands given above.

  • Durable.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Features such as Breaking Wheels System and Thread Lock Breaking Mechanism.
  • Suitable for large family.
  • Price might be higher.
  • Some parts might be made up of plastic.


So, these were the Best 5 Cloth Stands for drying clothes in 2021. available easily. You can choose the best cloth drying stand which suits you according to your choice.

Also, we have given the pros and cons for each cloth stand above.

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