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Room Heaters are of great help for us during this harsh winter. If there is any small baby or there are kids and Old people at your home then probably you have to buy a heater. Since old people and kids are generally more vulnerable to winter season and can get sick easily.

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A Room Heater has Both Advantages and Disadvantages which today you will know in this article.

Room Heaters

Room Heaters are such heaters which converts electrical energy to heat. These Room Heaters are used to heat the interior of any room or any buildings. Room Heaters can heat the interior of any building within a few minutes only.

Electric Room Heaters can be used in offices, Houses, Kitchen, Bathrooms, etc. according to your needs. Room Heaters are of two types that is Electric Room Heaters and Gaseous Room Heaters.

Electric Room Heaters :

As the name suggests Electric Room Heaters are such room heaters which works with the help of electricity. These type of room heaters converts electricity to heat.

Gaseous Room Heaters :

These Gaseous Room Heaters works without electricity. These Room Heaters Heat the interiors with the help of Cooking Gas provided by Gas Cylinders.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Room Heaters You Should Definitely Read :

Room Heaters Advantages :

  • Heaters Warm can warm up the place within a few minutes only.
  • Electric Room Heaters are cost-effective that is you can get them easily available in the market at a reasonable price.
  • These Room Heaters are simple to use. You only just have to plug in and the room heater will start working.
  • Electric Room Heaters are highly portable as compared to gaseous room heaters. Electric Room Heaters can be carried anywhere easily in the home whereas gaseous room heater cannot be installed and carried everywhere.
  • Generally, Room Heaters comes with an adjustable thermostat means you can adjust the temperature of your room according to the requirement.

Room Heater Disadvantages :

  • Room Heaters are mainly responsible for most of the fire accidents during winter. You should never leave these room heaters idle.
  • Make sure that the outlet of the room heater is not covered. Because if the outlet of the heater is covered then the heater can catch instant fire which is very dangerous.
  • Do not keep any fire-catching substances near the room heater such as kerosene etc.
  • Make sure to check the thermostat in the room heater which you are going to buy so that you can adjust the temperature and stop heating at a particular temperature.
  • Room Heaters when heating the room also burn the oxygen present in the room which is another great disadvantage of the room heater and is a health issue.
  • Burning of oxygen in the room by the room heater can cause suffocation. To avoid suffocation you can open the window or door of the room in which you have installed the room heater.
  • These room heaters also reduce the humidity in the room Reduction of humidity present in the room leads to nasal blockage. To avoid this you can use Humidifier in the room.
  • Be aware that your children should not touch the room heater because touching the room heater can lead to a serious electric shock.
  • Some room heaters may make noise thus you should choose room heaters that make very little or no noise. Because it is very difficult to bear all night the noise of the room heater.

Above are some advantages and disadvantages of room heater but you are more recommended to wear the warm clothes instead of depending on room heaters.

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