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People in today’s world wants to live an easy lifestyle. They want a time saving and fast method so they can finish their work and just relax. In kitchen Microwave Oven works the same way.

If you are bored with your time taking work of cooking then you can use a microwave oven. Microwave oven is a very good appliance. It makes cooking easy and fast. In this post we are going to discuss the Advantages of using a Microwave Oven |

Microwave ovens
Microwave Oven

How Microwave Oven Works

Now you might think that microwave oven will make your food harmful. If you think so then you are totally wrong. Instead, if you cook from microwave oven, nutrients and proteins present in food will be retained.

Microwave oven works on radiations. These radiations are not harmful to make you sick. These radiations supply heat energy directly to the molecules of food. It is just like sun heating your face. In this way your food also gest heated and the nutrients also retains in food.

Advantages of using Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens have its own advantages and Disadvantages both. But today we are going to discuss the advantages of using microwave oven.

  • Biggest advantage of using a microwave oven is that they make cooking very easy. You can cook easily just at the click of the buttons. You only have to keep the food inside the microwave oven and set the timer. Now you have to only sit back and your food will cook automatically.
  • Water Content and Nutrients present in food are retained in food only. Above we have already seen the principle on which microwave oven works. If you cook with LPG, nutrients are not retained in food as compared to microwave oven. This is the biggest advantage that you are going to get if you cook by microwave oven.
  • Your food will not burn in microwave oven because at the time which you set in microwave oven, it will automatically switch off. It is another great advantage of cooking by microwave oven over LPG.
  • Space Occupied by microwave oven is less. Also it looks attractive due to its slim design.
  • Smooth Functioning is another great advantage of microwave oven. You just have to click some buttons and set a timer.
  • Cooking Oil Consumption is very low in cooking by microwave oven. Eating less oil is good for our health.
  • There is no any mess made if you cook food by microwave oven which makes your work more easy.
  • Risk of Skin Burns is very less in microwave ovens as compared to stoves and other ovens. Microwave ovens heat the food but they do not heat the food dish and also microwave remains cold. Thus fear of skin burns on touching the food dish is very less.
  • Locking System is provided in microwave oven so if your child reaches to it. He/ She cannot access the microwave oven without unlocking it. This is the best safety feature provided in microwave ovens in view of your child.
  • In some microwave ovens you can manually control and set temperature for cooking which make your cooking more precise.

microwave oven
Microwave Oven

These are some of the microwave oven advantages which makes it a popular appliance among people. But there are also some disadvantages of microwave oven that you should read.

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