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If you are looking for a good cloth drying stand to dry clothes on your balcony, then you are at the right place. In this article, we have given a Complete Buying Guide that you should read before buying a cloth drying stand.

Some of you might be using a washing machine equipped with a cloth drying feature. But let me make it clear, that however good a washing machine you use, it will not dry your clothes completely. Some humidity is always left in clothes.

To avoid this humidity in clothes. You should leave your clothes under the sun for a while. You can dry these clothes either in an open area near your house or on your balcony.

cloth drying stand buying guide

Detailed Buying Guide for Cloth Drying Stands in 2021

There are several factors that you have to look upon before buying a cloth drying stand. If you choose the wrong cloth drying stand, then you have to spend more on buying a new one. So, it is better to choose the correct one the first time. It will save you valuable money.

1. Drying Space

The first and most important factor which you need to consider while buying a cloth drying stand is its Drying Space.

More will be the drying space, more clothes you will be able to dry. If the drying space is less, then you have to dry clothes in various shifts. It can be very irritating.

So, it is recommended that before buying any cloth drying stand, you should see that it fits according to the need of your family.

2. Cloth Stand Type

Some it happens that the size of our cloth drying stand is more than the size of our door, and it cannot pass through the door.

To avoid this condition, you should check whether the cloth drying stand which you are going to buy is Foldable or Not?

It is suggested to buy only a foldable type cloth drying stand because you can easily fold it and carry it anywhere. It would be very difficult to carry it if it’s not foldable.

3. Build Material

If you want a cloth drying stand to serve you longer, then considering this factor is very important for you.

You should look for a cloth drying stand with a premium build quality. Additionally, you should check whether the drying stand which you are going to buy is Corrosion Free since it’s going to deal with water.

We suggest you look for a cloth drying stand made up of Stainless Steel. It is the best build quality available in a cloth drying stand.

4. Dimensions

This is the most common mistake committed by people while buying a cloth drying stand. They buy a cloth drying stand that does not fit in their balcony. In any case, you should not do this mistake.

However, the solution to this problem is very simple. All you have to do is, first of all, measure the dimensions of your balcony (Height & Width), and then buy a cloth drying stand according to these dimensions.

It is suggested not to buy a cloth drying stand with excessive width or excessive height.

5. Weight

A cloth drying stand with a higher weight is very difficult to carry anywhere at home. In case, you have to carry the cloth drying stand upstairs then it can be more problematic while carrying.

So, you are recommended to check the weight of the cloth drying stands before buying them. More will be the weight, More will be difficult to carry it for you.

You should look for a cloth stand whose weight is between 2-5 Kg. You can also look into it according to you.

6. Features

You can also buy a simple cloth drying stand, but it will be better if it contains more features. You can look for features such as Additional Hangers, Additional Shoes Drying Rack Facility, etc.

Also, you should see that the cloth stand which you are going to buy is not time-consuming to set up. It should be easy to set up.

7. Wheels in Base

This is an additional feature that makes your cloth drying stand easy to carry. With the wheels on the base of the cloth drying stand, you can carry it anywhere in your home.

You can also carry it anywhere while clothes hanging on it. This is another great advantage of wheels attached to the base of the cloth drying stand.

Moreover, you can look for attractive colors on cloth drying stands. Apart from color, they are available in various shapes and sizes.

Keeping all the above factors purely in mind, we have listed some Best Cloth Drying Stands for Balcony in 2021. You can read it to buy from some best cheap cloth drying stands.

So, there were some of the important factors included in our detailed buying guide, to read for you. You should definitely consider these factors while buying a cloth drying stand in 2021.

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If you have any questions regarding the above buying guide, you are free to share with us in the comments section.

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