Difference Between Air Coolers And Air Conditioners

What You Should Choose – Air Cooler or Air Conditioner and Difference Between Air Cooler and Air Conditioner is the most often asked question. There is a big debate in the market for Air Coolers vs Air Conditioners.

In this article you will know about the Difference Between Air Coolers and Air Conditioners and this article will also make you clear on Which one you should choose from both of these?

But first thing whether you should buy an Air Cooler ?

An Air Cooler can be used by everyone both for hot and dry weather. Different types of coolers are available in the market for you to choose such as Dessert Cooler, Window Cooler, Personal Cooler from which you can choose depending on your requirements.

So, you can definitely opt for an Air Cooler.

Now, Below are given Some Differences Between Air Cooler and Air Conditioner that you should definitely read.

Important Differences Between Air Cooler and Air Conditioner :

1. Air Quality

Have you ever thought of how an Air Cooler or An Air Conditioner work? If you do not know till know then to know this difference is very important for you.

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An Air Conditioner keeps circulating the cool air in the room and does not take fresh air from outside surroundings whereas an Air Cooler takes the fresh air from outside surroundings, makes it cool, and then circulates this air in the room.

Also, the air cooler does not make the air of the room dry while circulating in the room whereas in the case of the air conditioner the air turns overly dry. So finally point is that the air cooler because of its operating way does not make the air dry and thus is more preferred over air conditioner as it maintains the good air quality of the room as compared to the air conditioner. For Asthma and patients with breathing problems, Air Cooler is more recommended by the doctors.

So if you want cool, Fresh an d good quality air in your room then you should opt for Air Coolers.

2. Cost

When comes to Buying Cost then Air Coolers scores the best rating. Both air cooler and air conditioner have the same work of cooling the room but even then if you will go to buy an air conditioner then it will almost range from 30000-60000 RS. whereas ian air cooler will cost you much less price probably 5000-20000 Rs.

Also after you purchase you have to spend on Maintanence and other extra costs and the operating cost of air cooler is very less then the operating cost of air conditioner. For an air cooler maintainence you are no need to hire an authorized servicemen even you can do it by yourself whereas and Air Conditioner requreas regular maintainence by authorised servicemen only.

Another big difference between an air cooler and an air conditioner is that an air cooler will charge almost 80% less electricity bill as compared to the electricity bill generated by an air conditioner.

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3. Eco Friendly Environment

We also have a great responsibility to keep our surroundings and nature clean and healthy.

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Air Conditioners use CFC ( ChloroFluoroCarbon ) and HFC ( HydroChloroFluoro Carbon ) for their cooling system (Refrigerant) which is harmful to the environment. On the other side, Air coolers are completely eco-friendly as they use water for cooling purposes.

4. Easy Installation

Air Coolers require almost no installation that is you have to only plug in and switch on whereas in case of air conditioners you have to hire an authorised servicemen in order to install the air conditioner which usually takes 1-2 hours for installation.

Moreover, if you want best in low budget then you should definitely go for Air Cooler because it has many advantages over Air conditioners and also you can easily get i t at a low price.

So, these are some differences between air cooler an d air conditioner and also now you will better know that why you should opt for an air cooler over air conditioner, its advantages and disadvantages.

But even then if you want a second-hand air conditioner then You can also refer to the Buying Guide for Second Hand Air Conditioner discussed in detail.

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