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Really, Do Warming Food in Microwave Oven Destroys Food Nutrients? This is the most common question by the people. If you also use the microwave oven, then you might also have the same question.

Today, there is almost no place left where Nutritional Deficiencies are not there. But that does not mean that for this, the reason is Microwave Oven. Some people have lingering doubts that Microwave Oven makes their food less in protein after being cooked in a microwave oven.

So, in this article, we are going to tell you in detail whether Food Cooked in a microwave oven is bad for your health or not?

But before moving to our main topic, it is very important that you know properly the Working of Microwave Oven.

Microwave Oven

How Microwave Oven Works?

Understanding How Microwave Oven Works may clarify the answer to these common questions.

A Microwave Oven passes electromagnetic radiations of a particular wavelength through food. The passing of these waves through the food causes the food molecules to vibrate. These vibrating molecules collide with each other. Thus heat is produced in these vibrating molecules. This energy is then distributed throughout the food

That is how a microwave oven works. So, hopefully, now you might have understood the working process of the microwave oven.

Does Warming up Food in Microwave Oven Destroy the Nutrients?

Now that you have understood the process of working with a microwave oven, We shall discuss our main topic whether- Warming Food in Microwave Oven Destroys the Food Nutrients?

According to Harvard Health Publications, On warming up food either in a microwave oven or gas stove, Some nutrients such as Vitamin C may break down due to exposure to heat. In this case, Microwave Oven may prove to be helpful- Since the food in the microwave oven gets cooked faster as compared to a gas stove and gets exposed to heat for less time as compared to a gas stove.

Also, studies show that Food Nutrients are best preserved when food is cooked in the minimum amount of water possible. Here also microwave oven serves as a better option as compared to gas stove.

Hence we can say that, No, Warming up Food in Microwave Oven does not destroy its nutrients.

How Microwave Oven Preserve Nutrients?

The best cooking method known ever to preserve nutrients is- Heat Food for Shorter Time, and use Less Liquid as much possible. All these criteria are best met by a microwave oven. Thus a microwave oven helps to preserve more nutrients in food as compared to gas stoves.

At last, I would suggest you eat as many Green Vegetables as much as possible to avoid any kind of nutritional deficiencies.

green Leafy vegetables to explain whether microwave oven destroys food nutrients

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