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If you have recently purchased a microwave oven, then there are some important things you should know before you start to Use Microwave Oven.

With the help of a microwave oven you can easily Cook, Bake, Defrost, Grill, and Reheat your food anytime. Microwave Oven cooking is more beneficial than stove cooking.

In this article, you will know about How to Use a Microwave Oven properly so you can get more out of it. If you will not follow these steps, you might end up repairing your microwave oven.


Microwave Oven works on the principle of Microwaves. There is a part in any microwave oven called Magnetron which produces microwaves. These microwaves produce vibrations in the water molecules of food. Thus the molecules of the food vibrate and heat is produced. This is How a Microwave Oven Works ins short and simple words.

Cooking in a microwave is very easy because you do not have to work in smoke like the earlier method of cooking. You can cook, reheat or grill your food with a single click of a button. Apart from comfort in microwave cooking, you get features such as Child Lock, Cooking Completion Alarm, and much more.

Proper Steps to Use a Microwave Oven Easily and Properly

Here are some easy microwave oven setup steps to help you out with using a microwave.

1. Place Microwave Oven on Flat Surface

First of all, you have to keep your microwave oven on a flat surface. A wooden surface would be best for placing your microwave. Remember not to keep your microwave near the gas stove.

Air vents on the sides of the microwave should not be blocked.

2. Plug in Microwave in Proper Outlet

After placing your microwave on a suitable surface, now search for a proper outlet for your microwave. You should plug in your microwave in such an outlet that is not already being used by any appliance.

Try not to plug in two appliances on the same outlet, it may increase the load on the outlet and in the future may cause damage to your appliances due to short circuits.

3. Learn about Features of the Microwave

If you have brought a new microwave oven then it is very important that you should know about the Features of the microwave. Features of a microwave vary from model to model. Features are different for different brands of microwaves.

There is a very easy way to read about the features of the microwave. You can read your manufacturer’s instruction manual which contains everything about the microwave which you are using.

All the features are described there in detail for you to read and follow.

Make Sure that Nothing is Kept on the top of the microwave,

4. Cook Food in Microwave Safe Utensils Only

This is the most common mistake committed by most people who are new to microwaves. You cannot use your regular use utensils in the microwave to cook food. Instead, there are some microwave-safe utensils especially made for microwave ovens.

If you use your regular utensils in your microwave then it may cause damage to your microwave as well as food.

Moreover, whenever you cook food in the microwave, do not forget to cover it with a plastic lid. This lid is made up of durable plastic and is specially designed to cover food in the microwave. It prevents the food from splattering in a microwave oven.

5. Follow Safety Precaution

As a safety precaution, you should never open your microwave door in between cooking. Doing so is very dangerous. However, if you want to stop cooking in between, then press the start/stop button first, and then open the microwave door.

Opening the microwave door directly may harm you.

6. Avoid Heating Food Older than 3 Days

You should not heat food in a microwave oven that is older than 3 days. We know that bacteria and harmful microorganisms grow on food that is older. If you heat these older foods in the microwave then this bacteria will be stuck to your microwave after transferring from food. This will contaminate even fresh food.

Thus you should try not to heat older foods in the microwave.

7. Place the Food in Microwave Properly

Sometimes, we keep food aside in the microwave for heating. But this is wrong. There is a circular ring structure designed in the microwave for heating your food. You should keep your food in the middle of this circular ring to heat it properly.

8. Regular Clean your Microwave Oven

Wiping off your microwave daily will not work. At least, once a week you have to clean it properly. You should wipe all the stains and dirt in the microwave with the help of a wet towel.

Note: Any gel or water spray should not be used for cleaning the microwave.

9. Every Food should not be Reheated

You cannot reheat any type and every type of food in the microwave. There are certain foods, which if you reheat in the microwave, become dry and rubbery.

You cannot reheat meat such as pork in your microwave. It will become dry and rubbery to eat.


So, these were tips on using a microwave oven. Just like a refrigerator and other home and kitchen appliances, your microwave oven can also show some small issues. Most of these are common problems in your microwave and can be fixed very easily at your home.

So, that’s all for today !!

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