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When the winter season is at its peak the appliance mostly used is Room Heater. For some people, this winter season seems to be romantic whereas some people just like to sit in a room covered by a blanket and a room heater in front of them. 

During this winter season, there is a strict need for a Room Heater especially if there are children or your elders in your house such as your grandmother or grandfather as it is very difficult for them to bear this shivering cold winter. 

In this article, you will know the Buying Guide For Room Heaters and Some Important Things That You Need To See Before Buying A Room Heater For Your Home. 


Rod type Room Heaters

Important Things To See Before Buying A Room Heater

Room Heaters are also called Space Heaters. There are a wide number of Room Heaters available in the market from different brands, shapes, and sizes. 

This makes the people often confused whether which room heater brand to choose and this confusion can easily be cleared if you know These Important Things  To See Before Buying A Room Heater For Your Home. 

Below is given the Buying Guide To Read Before Buying A Room Heater For Your Home : 

Types of Room Heaters :

First of all, let us discuss the Types of Room Heaters available in the market which are as follows :

  • Infrared Heaters
  • Fan Heaters
  • Oil Filled Room Heaters

Infrared Heaters :

Infrared Heaters works like a campfire but these room heaters provide heat to its vicinity areas only thus these types of heaters are very good for a single person.

Advantages of Infrared Room Heaters : 

  • Infrared Heaters start introducing their effect instantly that is they warm up the place instantly within seconds and work faster as compared to other heaters.
  • Infrared heaters have a bigger advantage over other room heaters since these infrared or room heaters have no fans or moving parts thus there is no problem of motor parts damage or any lubrication is required. Only you have to periodically clean the heating unit of the heater for the heater to work properly. This is a big advantage of these heaters over other heaters.
  • Since there are no critical or moving parts so the maintainence cost of these infrared heaters is very low as compared to other room heaters.
  • Since infrared heaters have no fans thus there is no sound coming from these heaters so these heaters do their work silently.

Halogens are the best examples of Infrared Room Heaters.

Disadvantages of Infrared Room Heaters :

  • Infrared Room Heaters are not suitable for large families or bigger rooms as this heater provides heat to its vicinity areas only so these heaters are better comfortable for smaller rooms and single person.
  • If you have children at your home then you should not opt for these heaters as these heaters are not safe for children because you children can touch the heating unit of these heaters and can cause an injury to themselves.

Thus above are some advantages and disadvantages of Infrared Room Heaters on the basis of which you can judge whether you should opt for these room heaters or not.

Fan Room Heaters :

These Fan Room Heaters can be a ideal choice if you want to heat up a large space in a short amount of time.

Fan room heaters are also pocket friendly room heaters. Unlike Infrared Room Heaters, fan room heaters are safe for children to touch. In this heater is provided a fan that blows the hot air from the heater and thus warm up a large space in s small amount of time.

Advantages of Fan Room Heaters

  • These room heaters are safe to touch for children also.
  • Fan room heaters use a powerful fan to warm up the whole place in a short span of time and thus are suitable also for larger families and more than single person.
  • These heaters warm up the whole place in a short span of time.
  • These fan room heaters consume less energy as compared to the amount of heat it provides to warm up the whole place.

Disadvantages of Fan Room Heaters

  • These heaters may sometimes give a bad burning smell when dust particles hits its surface due to the property of its hot surface causing dust particles to burn.
  • The maintainence cost of fan room heaters is more as compared to the maintainence cost of infrared room heaters because there are moving parts in fan room heaters thus these hetaers periodically requires lubrication and service.

Oil Filled Room Heaters

These are the best room heaters that you can buy. Oil Filled Room Heaters have many advantages as compared to fan room heaters and infrared room heaters.

Oil Filled Rpom Heaters can be used for a big room or a hall or any other big place as these heaters are made to excel in heating a very big place. They consume less energy as compared to the amount of heat they produce to heat a very big place.

These heaters use oil as their reservoir which works as a big advantage for these heaters, as a result when these heaters are turned off even they continue to warm up the room due to the heat conserving property of oil present in these heaters.

Advantages of Oil Filled Room Heaters

  • Oil-filled room heaters consist of oil which works as a heat reservoir for them and thus these heaters continue to warm up the room even after they are turned off.
  • Oil-filled room heaters consume less energy as compared to its output and also it helps to conserve energy as it works even after getting switched off.

Disadvantages of Oil Filled Room Heaters

  • Oil Filled Room Heaters does not provide instant heat that is it requires at least 15-20 minutes to start showing its effect.
  • Oil room heaters cannot be carried anywhere and everywhere in the home as these heaters are too heavy to be carried from one place to another place.
  • These Room Heaters are not good for newborn babies as well as elders as these room heaters burn the oxygen in the room and also reduce the humidity in the room which the other heaters also do. To overcome this keep a bucket full of water in the room in which you are using a room heater.

There are no specific or major disadvantages of oil filled room heaters. Thus if you want a room heater with good efficiency then you can buy Oil Filled Room Heaters.

Extra Features That You May Look At Before Buying A Room Heater :

1. Timer


Obviously, it would not be harmful if you could save electric energy while using an energy-consuming room heater.

Assume that when you sleep at night, your room heater would be turned on for the whole night thus it would consume a large amount of electric energy that you do not want. 

If there is a Timer Function in your room heater then even after you fall asleep your room heater would turn off automatically to prevent extra consumption of electrical energy. Moreover, you should make sure that the room heater which you are going to buy is not noisy as obviously, you would not like a room heater making noise and making it difficult for you to listen to anything. 


heating element of room heaters

Hence these are some Very Important things that you must remember before buying a room heater for your home. 

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