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Cooking with a microwave oven is a very easy and speedy process without any hustle and bustle. You can easily cook, bake, grill any type of food in a microwave oven within no time. But as we know if there are good effects of technology then are disadvantages of it too. In correspondence to this many people think that there is a high deficiency of vitamins and nutrients in food cooked by a microwave oven.

You might also wonder whether the food cooked in the microwave oven is bad for health? In this article, we are going to answer this question about the effect of microwave oven food on your health.

Microwave Ovens
Microwave Oven

What is Microwave Oven?

A microwave oven is a small compact-sized device that converts electricity in electromagnetic waves and is used as a kitchen appliance. We can easily cook, grill food in a microwave oven.

There are various types of microwave oven available in the market with different features and varies from low to high price according to the features.

You can also read our further detailed guide on How to choose Right Microwave Oven for your guide in detail.

In other words, a Microwave oven is a device that converts electricity in electromagnetic waves that heat up your food by stimulating water molecules in your food. When these electromagnetic waves pass through food, the water molecules in food start collapsing with each other. Due to this collapsing phenomenon, energy is produced which further converts into heat. In this way, a microwave oven works and your food gets cooked up.

Can this Radiation Risk Your Health?

Yes! it may affect your health if it reaches up you. Now some people might think this radiation is very similar to the radiation used in dangerous weapons but it is not so. This radiation is very much less harmful than those types of radiation used in nuclear weapons.

But still, it is harmful if it reaches you. This radiation is a little higher harmful than you face from your cell phone. Almost all microwave ovens contain metal protective shields that prevent this radiation from leaking out of the microwave oven. This protective shield reduces the chance of harm that can happen to you.

However if still, it leaks from your microwave oven then it may harm you. But again I remind you that this radiation is not that harmful as many of you might think.

How to Protect yourself from this radiation?

The protective shields which are already used in your microwave oven are much safer and protect you from radiation. But still, there are many other ways by which you can protect yourself from this radiation if it is causing harm to you. Ways by which you can protect yourself are given below:

  1. Maintain a distance from the microwave oven as we know that the intensity of radiation decreases with an increase in distance and also the amount of harm it causes also decreases.
  2. Make sure that your microwave oven is properly working. It should not be broken or malfunctioning otherwise it might fail to protect radiation from leaking or it may produce more radiation than the required amount and harm your health.

However, if you get exposed to this radiation through any means then it is going to harm you as much as cell phone radiation.

The FDA standard has also set some guidelines which are needed to be followed by the microwave oven companies. Apart from those guidelines, advanced technology is also used in microwave ovens which is that they switch off automatically if their door is left open when they are in use.

Safe Distance from Microwave Ovens

Safety is better than cure is a very popular saying by someone. Hence there is an estimated safe distance that you can maintain in order to protect yourself from radiation. You should maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters from your microwave oven when it is in use. At this distance, if you get exposed to radiation then it causes minimum harm to you.

Microwave Oven Cooking VS Food Nutrient

First of all, every type of cooking reduces the amount of nutrient in food.

There are three main factors that contribute to cooking food in a microwave oven. These factors are mainly Temperature, Cooking Time, Type of method used for cooking.

Now if we talk about microwave ovens then the temperature is usually low to cook food and cooking time is generally short. The boiling method is not used in a microwave oven.

The cooking method known for most loss in nutrients is the boiling method. So we can expect that the quantity of minerals retained is more than cooking through the boiling method.

According to a survey conducted on different vegetables, it was concluded that microwave oven cooking did the best and retained the maximum quantity of nutrients.

But you should not keep milk in a microwave oven. All types of cooking methods reduce nutrient value. As compared to other methods food nutrient is saved much more in microwave cooking methods.

Use of Plastic Containers

You would always use small plastic containers for packing food, but before doing this you should remember that plastic containers are made with special compounds which might leak in your hot food. There are varieties of plastic containers available in the market but you should not use them till it is labeled on it Microwave Safe Material. For extra safety you should know about Microwave Safe and Unsafe Materials.

Such plastic containers have also reported and linked to harmful diseases such as cancer, immune disorders, etc. in the past few years. Either you cook through a microwave oven or you use any other cooking method, you should not use plastic containers as they are harmful to your health.

Microwave Safe Containers are easily available on Amazon, Flipkart ,etc.

Proper Heating of Food

While using your microwave you may sometimes notice that your food gets unevenly heated in a microwave oven. To avoid uneven heating of food you can use a rotating turntable in your microwave oven. This turntable rotates your food while it is getting heated in a microwave oven. However, due to short low temperature and short heating time, there may be some chances that the bacteria on your food do not get killed. This might be due to the short heating time.

Another important point that you should remember while using a microwave oven is that you should not overheat any type of liquids in your microwave oven. Because due to overheating the liquid may explode and you may get a skin burn.

Who to Contact in case Radiation Leaks from Microwave

If there is any type of radiation leakage from your microwave oven then you can freely contact your microwave oven manufacturer. They will properly guide you through the process of what to do when radiation leaks from a microwave oven.

First of all, in case of radiation leakage, you should switch off your microwave oven. Another thing you can do is maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters from the microwave oven so that radiation causes minimal harm to you. You can also contact a microwave oven repair specialized authorized mechanic to repair the faults and radiation leakage in a microwave oven.

Safety Precautions to Follow while using Microwave Oven

There are some very important safety precautions that you can follow while using your microwave oven.

  1. First of all, before you start to use your microwave oven you should carefully read the owner’s instruction manual and follow the necessary instructions given to use a microwave oven.
  2. Use cooking vessels that are specially designed for microwave ovens.
  3. When your microwave oven is in use, you should maintain a distance of at least 1.5 Metres to avoid the harm caused by the microwave oven in case of radiation leaks.
  4. You should always keep your microwave oven out of reach of children.
  5. Do not overheat any type of liquids in a microwave oven as they can explode due to overheating and can cause skin burns.
  6. Keep your microwave oven clean. Keep cleaning it regularly so that it can serve you longer.

So these are some important safety measures that you can take to ensure the safety of you and your microwave oven.


Although there is a danger of radiation leakage in the microwave oven it can be avoided by following proper instructions. Microwave ovens are found to be better than any other cooking methods such as boiling, frying, etc. They preserve more nutrient value in foods as compared to other methods.

At last, there is no evidence that microwave ovens do cause harm. So if you are thinking to use a microwave oven, then you can go for it following all the necessary instructions to ensure the safety of you and your microwave oven.

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