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Microwave Oven is a beneficial kitchen product. If you are looking for a cooking method that is faster and easier then a Microwave oven is for you. Today most people use microwave ovens for cooking. But in spite of using, some people do not Which Materials are Safe and Unsafe for Microwave Oven?

If you use unsafe materials in a microwave oven then it could lead to serious injury (the blast in a microwave oven). So, it is very important that before using a microwave oven you should know which materials are Safe and Unsafe for microwave ovens.

In this post, we have listed down some daily life use safe and unsafe materials for microwave ovens.

There is also a Test Method by which you can test whether a utensil is Microwave Oven is Safe or Not?

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List of Some Microwave Oven Safe Materials

First, let us discuss the list of such materials which are safe for microwave ovens,

  1. Aluminium Foil

Let us know in the comments if you use Aluminium Foil in a microwave oven. Using Aluminium Foil is both Safe and Unsafe for microwave ovens. It should be used in a small amount to cover any food in a microwave oven to prevent overcooking. But you should take care that Aluminium foil should be far away from microwave oven walls (at least 2.5m away).

2. Utensils

Do not use any type of cracked utensils in a microwave oven. Use microwave-safe labelled utensils.

3. Glass Utensils

Try not to use glass made utensils in a microwave oven. Because most of the glass utensils are Non-Heat Resistents and take breaks if used in a microwave oven. If utensil contains a lid then it is recommended that you remove the lid.

4. PlasticUtensils

Any utensil made up of plastic should not be used in a microwave oven until it is mentioned as microwave oven safe. For more specific information refer to the instruction manual of the particular brand.

These are some of the microwave oven safe materials that we use in our daily life. There are also many other substances that are safe for microwave ovens. If you want to know about more safe substances about microwave oven then you can read the instructions manual.

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List of Some Microwave Oven Unsafe Materials

After discussing Microwave Oven Safe Materials, now we shall discuss materials that are generally marked as Microwave Unsafe.

  1. Aluminium Tray

Aluminium Tray should never be used in microwave ovens because it can cause arcing.

2. Paper Bags

We know that paper is how much flammable? but you should never use Paper Bags. If you use paper bags in a microwave oven then they may catch fire.

3. Plastic Foam

If you use plastic foam in the microwave oven it may melt in the microwave oven and catch fire.

These are some of the common unsafe materials for microwave ovens. For more guidance on unsafe materials, you can refer to the instruction manual.

Now as we have discussed Safe and Unsafe Materials for microwave ovens. Now we will discuss the Secret Method through which you can test whether the material is microwave-safe or not?

Various microwave oven safe materials are available on eCommerce platforms (Amazon)

Test Method to Find Material is Microwave Safe or Not?

Below are given steps that you can take and find whether the material is microwave-safe or not?

  1. Fill a microwave safe container with 250 ml of water along with the utensil which you want to test, is microwave oven safe or not?
  2. Cook the setup in step 1, on maximum power of microwave oven for 1 Minute.
  3. Touch and feel the utensil. If the utensil is warm or overheated then it is Microwave Unsafe. Such utensil should not be used in microwave Oven.


In this method do not exceed the cooking time of 1 Minute.

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