Most Common Problems with a Microwave Oven and How to Solve it ?

Who thought in previous times, that one day there would be a Microwave Oven in almost every house. Microwave Oven would become one of the necessary appliances in the kitchen.

common problems of microwave oven and ways to solve them

Having the best microwave oven is one thing but maintaining it is another different thing. If you do not maintain your microwave oven properly then it will malfunction, no matter how new or best it is.

Just like other kitchen appliances, you can face some issues in your microwave oven too. But the best thing is that we can fix these issues easily. But people often think of these small problems as major issues and rush to buy a new microwave oven.

After talking to so many people, we have listed some most common problems that people usually face with their microwave oven. We have also given the ways to solve these small problems at your home.

Most Common Problems in Microwave Oven and Ways to Fix them


1. Microwave takes Long Time to Warm Food

After using your microwave oven for 6-12 months, you may see this problem. In this problem, your microwave oven takes more than the required time to warm your food.

If you are experiencing this issue for a long time, then you should magnetron of your microwave. In most cases, this problem happens due to magnetron malfunction. Another cause that can result in this problem is keeping more food in a microwave oven. There is a limit decided by the manufacturer for every microwave oven. if you use more than the limit you get this problem.

Cooking food n Non-Microwave Oven Safe Utensil can also result in this problem. If you ignore this problem for a long time, it can degrade your microwave oven efficiency.

How to Fix this Problem?

  • Adding too much quantity of food in microwave oven can cause this problem. To solve this problem, you can read the instruction manual of the respective microwave manufacturer. Just see the limit in the oven and cook food according to the limit.
    For Example, if the limit is given 10L in a single cooking, then it means in a single round you can cook upto 10L food.
  • Magnetron is the most important component of a microwave oven. However, this problem can also arise due to magnetron. If you notice that this problem is due to magnetron then you should get it replaced.
  • You should always use Microwave Oven Safe Materials, because they are especially made for microwave ovens.

2. Making Noise while Operating

You love to use the microwave oven because it works silently. But sometimes, you may notice some noise in your microwave oven while working. This problem mainly arises due to the wear and tear of various parts in a microwave oven, such as Fan, Motor, and Magnetron.

How to Fix this Problem?

To avoid this problem, you should always do proper maintenance of your microwave oven on time. But if you are already suffering from this problem, then you just have to replace the part of the microwave oven which is causing noise in a microwave oven.

3. Microwave Door not Closing

This problem is mostly noticed in microwaves that are older than 6 months. The door of the microwave oven does not close properly. As we have already told in our Detailed Microwave Oven Guide that till the door of the microwave oven does not close, it will not start heating up due to safety measures. If it will not start then it will not heat up and your food will not get warmed up.

Thus if you are facing this problem, then you cannot use your microwave till you fix this problem. The main cause of this problem is loosen spring or loose latch assembly.

How to Fix this Problem?

The solution to this problem is very simple. Just tighten the loosen spring and loosen batch assembly and your problem should get solved. If still, it does not solve then it is possible that something might have stuck in the door of your microwave oven. it could be a small piece of hard food.

4. Touchpad Not Responding

If your microwave oven has a touchpad, then you can face this problem. Sometimes, while using the microwave oven you may notice that the touchpad of the microwave oven has stopped responding.

This problem can occur for various reasons. The main reason which causes this problem is a Fault in Switchboard. This problem can also occur if the touchpad is dirty.

How to Fix this Problem?

  • Try to clean the touchpad if it’s dirty.
  • Faulty touchpad should be replaced. You should never try to do it by yourself, if you have no knowledge about how a microwave oven works and its wiring.
  • In some microwaves, a advanced child lock feature may also deactivate some functions of touchpad. Disable it if it is active.

5. Explosion in Microwave Oven

Most people just keep the food in the microwave oven and forgot about it. Due to overheating there is a serious explosion of food in a microwave oven. This problem can completely damage your microwave as well as your food. If you are near the microwave oven at the time of explosion then you can also get harmed.

This problem mostly occurs if you large water content food for a long time.

How to Fix this Problem?

  • You should not heat food for a long time.

6. Light inside Microwave not Working

Just like the refrigerator, you also get light in the microwave oven so that you can keep an eye on what’s going inside the oven. This light automatically turns on when you close the door and turn the microwave on. You cannot control this light manually.

Recently, many people reported that the light inside their microwave oven was not working. If you are also facing this problem, then you can read the below-given solution for this problem.

How to Fix this Problem?

This light is connected to the main circuit board of the microwave. if this light is not working, then you can check for wiring of this light inside the microwave, main circuit board. But the best solution that you can follow, is to get the light replaced.

7. Burning Smell in Microwave Oven

If you notice this problem in your microwave oven, please do not use it till you know the exact cause of this problem. If you are experiencing this problem for a long time, then you should check the wiring and main circuit board of the microwave for any fault. Whereas, Sometimes this problem can also occur due to some food piece stuck in your microwave oven.

How to Fix this Problem?

First of all, you should check if there is any food stuck in the microwave. Otherwise, the best solution for this would be, you can look for an authorized representative who can further look into this problem.

8. Ceiling of the Microwave gets Heated up

Most of you clean your microwave oven just on the below surface and outer side, but you forget to clean it on the upper side. however, if there are any food pieces stuck on the ceiling of the microwave and you do not clean them, they keep reheating and make your ceiling hot.

How to Fix this Problem?

You should keep the upper side of the inner section completely clean. If still, the problem does not solve, you can get the plastic cover of the ceiling in the inner section replaced. This plastic cover in the inner section does the work of protecting the microwave from food pieces.

9. Microwave Stops Suddenly while Working

This is a very serious problem that can occur in your microwave oven. This damages your food as well as wastes your valuable time. The main cause of this problem is high voltage. High voltage may damage any part of the main circuit board of your microwave.

How to Fix this Problem?

  • You should replace the damaged parts with the new one.

10. Sparking in Microwave Oven

There are moments when you see some sparking in your microwave oven. If you notice this problem, first of all, Switch off the microwave oven. There are various causes for this problem, such as Dirty Microwave Oven, Using Microwave Non-Safe Materials, Faulty Circuit Board of Microwave.

How to Fix this Problem?

  • You should clean your microwave oven atleast once a week, especially cavity walls of the microwave oven.
  • Stoppage of high voltage transformer may result in sparking in microwave.
  • You shoud not use non microwave safe utensils.
  • You can also check waveguide cover for any damage.
  • Clear any paint fallen on the inner surface of the microwave.

11. Food Dries on Cooking in Microwave

This is also one of the most common problems in a microwave oven. If you also notice the same problem of food drying out while cooking, you can try one of the solutions given below.

How to Fix this Problem?

  • You can reduce the power level of the microwave oven.
  • Reduce cooking time of food.
  • Add more water content to food. Since microwave ovens uses water content in food for cooking.


So, let us now end up this artic;e. After depth research, we have listed these most common problems in microwave ovens and ways to fix them. If you are using a microwave oven the first time, then there are some essential tips you need to follow to use a microwave oven properly.

If you think any problem is missing, please let us know in the comments below.

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