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Split Air Conditioner or Window Air Conditioner? This question arises when you go to the market for purchasing an air conditioners for your home. But the matter is not all about split AC or Window AC but also many other factors which you have to pay attention to if you want the Best Air Conditioner For Your Home. 

Although air conditioners give you cool air if you do not take extra care while buying an air conditioner for your home then air conditioners can also end up giving your whole salary in electricity bills only. Thus you should take extra care while buying an air conditioner for your home. 

In this article, you will know about The Difference Between Split AC and Window AC and which out of these would be better for your home. The air conditioner which you are going to buy should be the correct choice because it is going to last for another 10 years so it is very important for you to pick up the correct choice. 

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Split vs Window Air Conditioners

people often get confused between Split AC and Window AC when they go to purchase the right air conditioners for their home. 

The difference between split ac and window ac is not too much. Both Split ac and window ac are nearly equally efficient but there is some difference. Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) is a ratio that represents the amount of cooling that an air conditioner provides per watt of electricity. 

EER is based on the amount of cooling provided by air conditioners per watt of electricity. The HIgher the cooling provided by the air conditioner higher will be the energy-efficient ratio So if you are looking for highly efficient air conditioners that can provide you more output in less input then you can go for Split AC because it can give you more options. 

Apart from efficiency, another difference between Split AC and WIndow AC is that Window AC has two units (indoor and outdoor) whereas Split AC works with only one unit. Split AC works silently as compared to window ac and also split ac looks more decorative at your home and increases the look of the place where it is installed. 

Price : 

Both Split and window air conditioners come in different price ranges for different models. 

A split ac will cost you almost double than window air conditioners. For example, if you want 1-1.5 Ton AC then in the category of split air conditioners it will cost you around 20000-30000 INR whereas in the category of window air conditioners it will cost you around 18000-25000 INR. Whereas Another difference is that window ac will cost you almost no installation charges but split ac can cost you some installation charges.

Noise : 

if you are going to install AC in your bedroom, office or library, or any other place where you do not want any type of noise then yo6u should go for Split Air Conditioner because these conditioners make little or almost no noise whereas window air conditioners there is the occurrence of noise takes place as they work against the window. 

Thus if you are purchasing an air conditioner for a place where you do not want any type of noise then you can go for split air conditioners. 

Maintainence :

Window air conditioners require less amount of maintenance because their parts are compactly designed and do not require regular maintainence whereas split air conditioners require regular maintenance at proper intervals by an expert or servicemen. 

Thus if you go for split ac then you might have to spend more on Regular maintenance whereas if you choose window ac then you might save your extra money on maintainence. 



Window Air Conditioners

Disadvantages of Split AC over Window AC

Although Split AC is more recommended over Window AC but still Split has a major disadvantage over window ac which is that the Split AC needs more space to be installed whereas window AC can be installed in less space. 

Thus if you want an efficient and good-looking air conditioner then you can go for Split Air Conditioners but if you want an air conditioner that is easy to install and covers less space then you are good to go with Window Air Conditioners. 

Hope now you might have understood the difference between the split ac and window ac both advantages and disadvantages and now since you know the difference between the split and window ac You can easily decide the air conditioner according to your needs based on space and various other factors.

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