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Today, Air Fryers in Microwave Ovens or Air Fryers alone are very popular among people because of their benefits and Air Fryer Recipes. But many people still do not know about Air Fryers and What they are Used For?

So in this post, you will know about What is an Air Fryer, How do Air Fryer Works, and Why Air fryer is used in Microwave ovens? Also, we will talk about What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Fryers?

Air fryer
Air Fryer

If you buy Air Fryer only then it will not benefit you much. But if you buy Air Fryer in combo with microwave Ovens then you will be in more benefit.

What is an Air Fryer in Microwave Ovens ?

An Air Fryer is an essential countertop convection oven. This Air Fryer is patented by company Philips, a popular electronic company. This small appliance is used for Deep Frying of food only with hot air and very less or even no oil.

Earlier most people didn’t even know about these gadgets. In the last few years, this gadget has gained a large amount of popularity. About 50% of the homes had Air Fryer at their homes according to a survey conducted.

In simple words, with the help of an Air Fryer, you can cook various dishes in a healthier manner. If you are diet conscious or do not like to eat oil in food then this device will be very helpful for you- Because this device depends on only air for cooking. There are many things which you can fry using these air fryers, such as French Fries, Chicken wings, and many other things.

Food that you cook through Air Fryers contains less fat and a lesser number of calories. No or very less amount of oil is used in cooking by air fryers.

Now you might think that the taste of food must not be good if cooked through air fryers. But let me tell you if you think so, then you are totally wrong- The taste and texture of the food are very good because hot air is evenly circulated throughout the food.

How and Why Air Fryers were Introduced in Microwave Ovens

From the above-given topic, now you came to know that why you should microwave oven with an inbuilt Air Fryer. But still, you might be confused about- What is the Use of Air Fryer in Microwave Oven?

So let’s discuss in detail,

We know that How a Microwave Oven Works, bypassing out radiations through the water molecules of food. But there was a complaint about microwave ovens among the people, that the food they cooked through microwave oven was rubbery type in chewing, and also it was not properly cooked from inside.

After looking at these complaints among people, various brands introduced Air Fryers in a microwave oven. Now, these Air Fryers do the work of removing the rubbery nature of food and making it crispy both from outside and inside, and the microwave oven does the work of cooking the food properly.

Later, this combo of Microwave Oven and Air Fryers was appreciated by people. This is how Air Fryers were introduced in Microwave Ovens.

Use of Air Fryers in Microwave Oven

Following is the main reason due to which Air Fryers were introduced in Microwave Ovens-

  1. To remove the rubbery nature of food and making it crispy.

How do Air Fryer Works?

From its name, some of you might think that Air Fryer fry the food. If you think so then you are totally wrong. Because Air Fryers does not fry the food. The process is something different than frying, baking, etc.

Now let us understand How Air Fryer Works and Cooks Food?

The Air Fryer contains in its topmost section, a Heating Mechanism, and Fan. When you switch on the Air Fryer, the heating mechanism heats and the fan takes its heat in form of hot air. This hot air is then circulated by the fan throughout the food kept in the Air Fryer. So this is in a short explanation of how the air fryer works.

Steps to use Air Fryers

So you need to follow 3 simple steps to cook food in the air fryer. Those 3 simple steps are:

1. Place the Food in Basket of Air Fryer:
First, you need to place the food in the basket of the air fryer. You can keep food according to the size of the basket of the Air Fryer. The size of the air fryer’s basket may range from 2-10 quartz. You can also add 1-2 Teaspoonfuls of oil to food so that it becomes more crispy.

2. Set the Timer and Temperature
After keeping the food in the air fryer’s basket, Now set the time and temperature at which you want to cook the food in the air fryer. Depending on the Type of Air Fryer, its timer may range from 5-25 minutes and the Temperature may be in the range of 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the type of food that you are going to cook.

3 Let the Food Cook
Now that you have done all the settings, just leave your food to be cooked in Air Fryer.

So these are 3 Basic simple steps that you can follow to cook your food in Air Fryers. In some Air Fryers, you may have to perform an extra step of flipping the food halfway to cooking.

Air Fryers in Microwave Oven

Most of you would be having Air Fryers and Microwave Ovens separately at your home or if you are going to buy an Air Fryer, then you should read the below text once before buying it.

If you want to buy Air Fryers and Microwave Oven separately then it will not benefit you much. Rather there are two Big Disadvantages of buying Microwave Oven and Air Fryer Separately which are as follows :
1. They Both Separately will Cost you much higher.
2. Cover More Space unnecessarily in your kitchen.

But if you buy both Microwave Oven and Air Fryer in combo then you can save your money and space both. “Combo” here means that that you will buy Microwave Oven with inbuilt Air Fryers.

Today there are a number of such microwave ovens are available in the market which comes with inbuilt Air Fryers. The benefits of buying an Air Fryer inbuilt Microwave Oven is that:
1. One Air Fryer inbuilt microwave oven will cost you lesser than two products separately.
2. Since Air Fryer is inbuilt in your microwave oven so it will also not cover much space in your kitchen.

Microwave Ovens along with Air Fryers
Microwave Oven with Air Fryers

Best Brands of Air Fryers in 2021

Now that you know what an Air fryer is, and how does it work? Next, we will see about Some popular Brands of Air Fryers in 2021, that you should purchase Air Fryer from.

Nowadays, almost all the brands such as Philips, Kenstar, Prestige, Havells, have launched their own air fryers. In such conditions, people often get confused whether which brand would be the best to buy from, due to various models with different brands of the air fryers. There are own excellencies of each brand. So, if you fall in such a condition then you can go for Phillips Air Fryer. Other than Phillips, other brands of fryers have also been marked as reliable, easy, and comfortable to use. You can also choose according to your need and budget.

Are Air Fryers Healthy for You ?

When it comes to our health we do not compromise. Then this question definitely comes to your mind whether the Air Fryer which you are using is safer for your health or not?

So in simple words, Yes! Air Fryers are Healthier for your health. In fact, they are more healthy as compared to any other method of cooking.

Reasons due to which Air Fryers are healthy are as follows:

  1. Less oil is consumed in Deep frying though Air Fryers as compared to oil required for deep frying in other methods of cooking.
  2. Amount of Fat in deep fried foods cooked thorugh air fryers is very less.
  3. Number of calories is very less in food cooked by air fryers.
  4. Colour and Moisture of food are same as in cooking through gas stove or other methods.
  5. It keeps you healthy because of no or very less oil consumption.

If you are a diet-conscious person then these air fryers may be best for you.

PROS and CONS of Air Fryers

We all know that if there is no product with all perfections. So, there are also some Pros and cons of air fryers which you should definitely know before buying an air fryer.

PROS of an Air Fryer

  • Air Fryers cook food in such a way that it is healthier for people that is without using much oil in cooking.
  • Makes food crispy by removing the rubbery nature of food.
  • Keeps you healthy.
  • In food cooked in air fryers, amount of fat and calories is very less.

CONS of an Air Fryer

  • You might have to cook your food in batches because the capacity of most of the Air Fryers is smaller then required.
  • If you buy Air Fryer separately then it might you cost you more. Therefore it is recommended that you buy a microwave with inbuilt air fryer.

So, that’s all for today!

Hope now you have understood What is Air Fryer in Microwave Ovens and How do they work along with their advantages and disadvantages.

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